Landscapes — Part 1

Jun Kaneko

Kazuhito Kawai

Kimiyo Mishima

Toru Ishii

Yoon Heechang


11.11.2022 — 10.12.2022


Sokyo Lisbon is pleased to announce Landscapes: a journey through tactile landscapes, showing works from five different contemporary artists: Jun Kaneko, Kazuhito Kawai, Kimiyo Mishima, Toru Ishii and Yoon Heechang.


For centuries, Japanese people have admired the unique surfaces and shapes of tea bowls and other ceramic objects. They look not only at the colors, sheen or markings resulting from long kiln firings, but also at the places where thick or thin slips and glazes run and pool on the surfaces, creating impressions of mountains, rivers or crevices, as if natural landscapes. Sometimes the surfaces are ultra-smooth where winds seem to have blown away the sand, other times, plump vegetal forms give the suggestion of plants and forests. Sometimes heat cracks the clay body of a piece or impurities explode on its surface, creating even more the appearances of rocks or rough terrain.


"Landscapes" are called keshiki in Japanese. The appreciation for the tactile qualities of surfaces, shapes and markings – the broader usage of the word keshiki – can be carried over to other objects, including even fabrics. In Landscapes we invite the visitor to discover a wide range of forms and textures – tactile landscapes – in different colors, mediums and dimensions.

Exhibited artists

Exhibited artworks

Jun Kaneko • Untitled • 2016

Jun Kaneko • Untitled • 2016

Kimiyo Mishima • Package 73-1 • 1973

Kimiyo Mishima Paper Bag 74-1~15 1974

Kazuhito Kawai  ART TOWER MITO 2020

Kazuhito Kawai  Saizeriya  2020

Kazuhito Kawai  “I MISSED “THE SHOCK” 2017

Heechang Yoon • Kamogawa River #1329 2018

Heechang Yoon • Kamogawa River #1325 2018

Toru Ishii • BIJINGA I • 2016

Toru Ishii • Wallis Road_January_2017 • 2017

Toru Ishii • De Beauvoir Road _December2016 2016