Materials of the Earth

Group Exhibition

Osamu Kojima
Luke Fuller
Shozo Michikawa


11.05.2022 — 25.06.2022


Natural materials take central stage in Sokyo Lisbon's new exhibition as we show works by Osamu KOJIMA, Luke FULLER and Shozo MICHIKAWA. The three artists highlight the natural origins of ceramics through their techniques and inspiration. The strength of elemental materials is embraced in remarkably powerful pieces.

The relationship of people with clay is an ancient one. Because clay is widely found in nature we have been using it since prehistory to produce tools that help us in our daily lives, or simply to create aesthetic forms that endlessly please or spiritually inspire us. Clay is an honorable material that has allowed human societies to advance and to extend their creativity. The shapes and colors we have given clay are so rich and diverse that we often forget how organic are the processes involving mountain formation, water, erosion, rocks, and sand. “Materials of the Earth” brings together three unique and very different artists to celebrate their connections to the elemental features of ceramic artworks.

Exhibited artists

Exhibited artworks

19-08 • 2019

Blue 15-03 • 2015

Nostalgia 19-TWs02 • 2019

Blue 17-03 • 2017

Sculptural Form Kohiki • 2018

Sculptural Form Natural Ash • 2018

Sculptural Form Natural Ash • 2018

Sculptural Form Shino • 2018

Sculptural Form Tanka with Striation

Sculptural Form • 2018

Mafic • 2022

Fissure • 2022

Felsic • 2022

Basin • 2022

Pore • 2022