Yoon Heechang — Rivers
Solo Exhibition

30.06.2021, 1pm — 8pm
at Sokyo Lisbon Gallery

01.07.2021 — 25.09.2021

Sokyo Lisbon is delighted to present Yoon Heechang's first ever solo presentation in Europe. Rivers is a two-part exhibition introducing the artist’s seminal sand river paintings.

Yoon's practice sits at the junction of ceramic, painting and architectural intervention. Paying particular attention to the environment that surrounds us – both physical and metaphysical – his works are deeply connected to landscape: “representing the land by the land itself”.

The exhibition Rivers introduces his work through a series of paintings made with sand collected along the Kamogawa River and the Seine, including an eight-minute video accompanying the artist work process between the Kamogawa's riverbed environs Kyoto and at the studio at Tama Art University in Tokyo.

Exhibited artists

Exhibited artworks

Japanese Blue

Group Exhibition

07 — 09.04.2021

at Sokyo Lisbon Gallery

07.04.2021 — 12.06.2021

Sokyo Lisbon is pleased to host a group exhibition, Japanese Blue, showing six Japanese contemporary artists and a selection of 15 artworks in which the blue pigment, representative of both Japanese and Portuguese ceramic expression for decades, is the leading feature.
This exhibition, the second held at Sokyo Lisbon, offers an extraordinary selection of six artists: Hashimoto Machiko, Hoshino Satoru, Kishi Eiko, Kojima Osamu, Kosaka Mio and Nakashima Harumi.

Exhibited artists

Exhibited artworks

Seasons • 2017

- Seasons - Dance • 2019

Blue 17-03 • 2017

Purple 19-06 • 2019

Blue 11-02 • 2011

Blue 15-03 • 2015

Tide • 2020

Shisho wo tsumu • 2016

Nougata • 2011

Sansuiki-Spring Snow 19-01 • 2019

Sansuiki-Spring Snow 19-03 • 2019

Sansuiki-Spring Snow 19-S4 • 2019

Sansuiki-Spring Snow 19-S2 • 2019

Sansuiki-Spring Snow 16-B12 • 2019

A Disclosing Form 1609 • 2016

Sokyo Lisbon Opening
Mishima Kimiyo Solo Exhibition


at Sokyo Lisbon Gallery

27.10.2020 — 12.12.2020

Mishima Kimiyo exhibition is the first solo exhibition in Portugal and in a commercial gallery in Europe by one of the most celebrated Japanese ceramists.
This exhibition includes works from different stages of her career starting from 1969 with some historical works up to 2020 with the most recent artworks. It is a rare opportunity to appreciate a journey through different phases of the Mishima’s work path in a comfortable and welcoming environment.
This exhibition celebrates Sokyo Lisbon opening, a contemporary ceramics and art gallery in partnership with Sokyo Gallery in Kyoto, Japan.

Exhibited artists

Exhibited artworks

Printed Pipes - 75 • 1975

Work BP-80 • 1980

Newspaper 20-01 • 2020

Paper Bag 74 1~15 • 1974

Work 20-Tag A • 2020

Package 73-2 • 1973

Package 73-01 • 1973

Comic Book 20-S2 • 2020

Comic Book 20-S3 • 2020

Memory II • 1969

Work 18-CS5 • 2018

Cardboard • 1981